"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Best Hidden Government Bank Criminal Action in the History of Man Part 3

Best hidden government bank criminal action in the history of man

No debt is your presumed debt until your car application or mortgage debt lien Contract property is registered with the State thru the County recorder office, then it becomes a security, money, a Bank Liability, and your presumed debt.

After your mortgage contract is recorded as a security and money, the bank or alleged lender sells or assigns your debt back to the “Warehouse” investor Trust lender so the bank can pay off their debt and make money for being a wholesaler or middle man by using your money funding signature.

This is how they claim to prove that they lent you money to purchase property. Sweet deal for the banks and pretender lenders, right?? BUT their accounting books prove differently if read by your hired Certified Public Account, CPA as an expert witness in open court. The accounting bookkeeping ledgers show and prove that banks are investors and no money is lent to you.

To learn more about this contact me, David Young de God at Cancel1Mortgage.info or SKYPE dayglobal.

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