Your Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions

Your unknown Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions of USD.

Yes that’s right! Worth Billions!!! of USD!!! So why dont you want the money?
Because you dont know how TO FILE FOR IT!!! We do……Let me explain below…
Bonds are collateralized by your birth certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument!!!!
Your Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions
When your birth certificate was monetized and converted into a UNITED STATES Government Bond shortly after your birth by your Mother, your net worth became unlimited, into the Billions of Dollars without your nor your Mother’s and Father’s knowledge.

When the UNITED STATES declared bankruptcy in 1933 under the bankruptcy (Straw man) law known as HJR 192, pledged all Americans as collateral (debt slaves) against the national debt to the International Bankers; gave all the land to the international bankers (Federal Reserve Corporation); and confiscated and outlawed all the gold except for one ounce for each person; thus, eliminating the lawful means (Gold and Silver Coins) by which you could legally pay your debt, the UNITED STATES also assumed legal responsibility for providing a new way for you to pay. In 1933, the UNITED STATES Government declared that they would pay all of YOUR debts with the money they receive from your labor, birth certificate, and Social Security registered number by what is known as your Reserve Account worth Billions!
The UNITED STATES Corporation Government did that by providing what is known as the Exemption Account. The bankers loan credit and not money, because there has not been any lawful money since 5 June 1933. The Exemption Account is your exemption from having to pay for anything. In practical terms, though, this meant giving each American something to pay with, and that something is your credit. The Department of Debt Loan Payoff has discovered the credit and debt secret for you to pay any debt and bank loan. This secret has been hidden for over 79 years.
Your value to society was then and is still calculated using actuarial tables. At birth, average value bonds were created from your birth certificate. I understand that this is currently between one and two million dollars at your birth when your mother unknowingly gave her baby, you, away to the UNITED STATES Government.

These birth certificate bonds were collateralized by your birth certificate and your mother’s maiden name under an Act of Congress in 1921. Then your birth certificate bond became a negotiable instrument just like any security instrument under UCC Article 3, code of commercial law in which the world trade falls under.

The bonds are hypothecated and traded on the stock market until their value is unlimited for all intents and purposes. People all over the world buy and sell your bond every day over the stock markets as investments. All that credit created is technically and rightfully yours.
In point of fact, you should be able to go into any store in America and buy anything and everything in sight, telling the clerk to charge it to your Exemption Account, which is identified by a nine-digit number that you will recognize as your Social Security number without the dashes. It is your EIN, which stands for Exemption Identification Number from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION of America. Let the U S Department of Debt Loan Payoff show you how to become debt free using the Government Debt Bailout, Exemption Identification Number, today.
Simply use the contact form to the left of this page to get started. And learn why Your Birth Certificate Bond Is Worth Billions

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  • Gloria armbruster

    How much interest has my birth certificate accumulated?
    How can it be lawful for the govt. to use my BC as a bond
    without notice to me? I want to get to the bottom of this. I need info.

    • Ron

      It is not your BC. The state does claim ownership of it since they created it. Why can’t they do that? If it’s not yours what difference does it make? The BC is not to be used for identification purposes so it cannot be attached to any man or woman.

      • Robert

        I’m not sure of your background but i think you should definitely do some more research into this area. If you look closely at all birth certificates you will find that they are all on Bond paper and the “nice fancy” edging that goes around the edge is the exact same design as Federal Reserve notes. There is a reason for this. It is because they are bonds backed by the Federal reserve. If you are not familiar with USDA CFR 1901.503, 508, 509 you should be. It explains the rules that our central government set up,not us citizens. You should also look up the definitions for “Individuals” and “persons” in Blacks law Dictionary. There is alot of truth to what individuals are saying. And I salute their Patriotism.

        • Ron

          Thanks for you comment Robert and I like many have spent much time and research and have communicated with the State of issuance and have received some interesting information from them. While I agree that the Certificate is on bond paper that in itself does not mean it is a bond in the sense it is traded or tradeable. There is no evidence of that whatsoever. Possibly interesting research and theory but no evidence it is worth billions, a mere presumption. Maybe someday there will be evidence.
          While the State has acknowledged they own the Name and the BC since they created it, they haven’t stepped in to picking up liability or acting upon contracts sent to them for closing or settlement, ie. real estate, auto etc. This leads me to the conclusion of plausible deniability or whatever we
          attempt to do in that Name has no bearing since we may not or never do have authority to obligate the State/owner/trustee. As for medical bills I have seen these bills disappear after sending them to the State.

          • Ranger

            I have personally seen and witnessed someone file the UCC-1 forms, the Accepted for Value, and he used it!
            He had no idea what would happen. He sent in his AT&T Cellphone Bill, and put all required Acceptance for Value protocol and form, and they send him back:
            Thank you for your correspondence in the regards to your account. We have processed your payment as requested in the amount of (x), from your Pre-Paid Treasury Account. We are sending this is as a confirmation that your account has been paid.

            Just because the public does not understand the system, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

            In fact, up to about 8 years ago, you could go to Fidelity and put in your Social Security Number and it brought your “Fund” up on the screen showing it’s stock value!
            That of course has been completely removed from their data base and internet.

            They only hide what they do not want you to find.

            Nonetheless, Our entire system of Government (from local, city, county, state or federal) is run, operated, and controlled by LAWYERS!
            The very moment that we think we have found a way to recoup any money, the lawyers who are Congress will just make a law that stonewalls you, and you will as they planned, get nothing.

            In conclusion, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Numbers are “Bonds” and are “Trade” on the Market!
            Do you have a right to that money? It matters not for there are 535 Lawyers in Washington DC who’s only job is to keep you from ever seeing a penny of it.

          • Ranger

            The more I learn about this, the more I’m finding that it is a hit and miss application. Yes, despite the people who have no clue, there are accounts associated with both your Birth Certificate and Social Security Numbers. They are called by Universal Commercial Code, “Certificated Securities” and there are millions in those accounts.

            Unfortunately, I can not share on how to use it, because without being a Licensed Attorney, or Financial Adviser, I would be violating the law.

            Read about it. Just stay away from ANYONE selling information regarding anything to do with it.
            ALL information is available for free on the internet.
            Read, read, and read some more. Verify everything through the IRS, and other entities by reading their “codes” and “statutes”, not their write ups.

            It’s all out there for all to see, we just have to do the research and obtain all the information on how to follow the motions and procedures.

            Many forget to notice that we live in a “system” with :codes” and “statutes”, learn to use them in your favor.

            Remember that the court feels that “Ignorance” of the law is no excuse. Learn to use those laws to your benefit.

          • Skippykite

            Ranger, I was able to look up my BC, my ssn, and I helped friends look up theirs on back in 2009 – 2011. I even was able to look up the number off of a friends court document where her car was stolen and they caught the people who did it… well the bond number on that document was also being sold like our BC and SSN. Since then Fidelity has pulled the plug on looking that up. At the time I wasn’t aware fully about the UCC and so I didn’t take any information down.

            Do you know of another way of looking any of that information up via a different site?

            Secondly if we can obtain our cusip numbers, should we include them on our UCC’s?

            Third: Does getting the UCC done and assigning my kids as belonging to me give me a leg up in a custody battle? If you know anything about that.


        • Ranger

          Your Birth Certificate is what backs the “Full Faith and Credit” of the United States! You are a slave from birth. Your labor is owed for the debt of the nation.

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  • ram

    Did you do what he said. Did u ask for ur BC and go to the New York Stock exchange and ask to type in your numbers. If ur a stock it’s true.

    • Ranger

      Fidelity used to have a platform for just that. You’d go to the sight, put in your ss# without dashed, and the “fund” came up. Of course, that has been completely removed from the internet.

      You can’t cash your Birth Certificate in for money! You have to follow a twist and turn of protocols. First you have to file a UCC-1 Form, which just basically says that your are the “original” owner of the “strawman” (ALL CAPITOL LETTER NAME), and claim that you have first claim to your (given name ie: John E. Smith, not JOHN E. SMITH). Then, you have to file other forms along with understanding what Accepted for Value is and how it works.
      The only thing you can do by accomplishing this, and it is a daunting task with roadblocks as the protectors file things wrong on purpose to delay or frustrate you, is you can eliminate “DEBT”!
      You can not get any “cash value”, nor buy anything in commerce.

      When people speak of this action, be very weary for there are tons who have not gone down the rabbit hole far enough to uncover all the items required to accomplish this task.

      In doing the above it only means that you become the owner of the “Fund” that holds the proceeds. You can’t cash it in.

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  • Ranger

    One other tidbit! You should look at your “Certified Original Copy” and see if your name is spelled with ALL CAPS or you have a first name/last name with a Capitol Letter and the rest lowercase.

    If yours is ALL CAPS (done after the early 60’s) you are an entity and will not be able to claim ownership to your straw man. If that is not the case, you are the owner of the created straw man, for the ALL CAPS corporate name isn’t you!
    And the Birth Certificate showing only first letter Cap and the rest lowercase, shows the true human.

    They have so greatly and successfully fooled almost the entire nation with tricks and lies.
    Yet, the masses lick up the lies and deception like a dog to vomit.

  • virginia

    ok so this is all very interesting and we all know our goverment and how sneaky they are but if this is true how do I get them to pay for a student loan

  • Lee Bromley

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    • Ranger

      Yes, a “Drivers License” is for doing business or making a profit from driving on the road.

      A “Traveler” does no such thing, and by law is not required to be licensed.

      Yet, when 999 out of a 1000 people refuse to believe otherwise, then things will never change.

  • Yvonne Moore-Lynch

    Question: Lets say your BC doesnt have all capital letters nor any #s in red but of course your ID and SS card have your name in all capitals what does that mean? If the straw man was never created through a bonded certificate(BC) then how can it have an ID and SS card?

    • Jessica Christina Tagor

      Hello Yvonne, to answer your question, yes…you actually can take
      possession in this case too, but the process is a bit more involved. I think
      it’s important to note that it’s not as easy as filling out one UCC-1 form
      & buying an A4V stamp for your bills & mailing it onto (won’t call them
      a lender) the receiver/account manager for satisfying the account. Which is what most of the info out there is making it sound like. I’d share the process here but it’s quite lengthy. The good news is, from my experience
      and the many I’ve helped so far, process from start to finish was no more than 3 months in each case. You can email me if you want, I’d be happy to share what I have and know.

      Hi RANGER, to add to your post on the name title format on the BC vs the living person’s identity and signature, and if I understood correctly…you are correct that not ALL BCs are in all caps-it is typically the ‘norm’. However, in some cases there are other variations in the title format instead of all caps (i.e., John Smith=how living person signs & represents himself on the land vs. BC/SS card/Utility Bills/CCards=Mr John Smith, John H Smith, John Smith, Sr, and so on). However, anyone with a BC after 1960s can control of your “strawman” by becoming trustee for your BC bond, whether in all caps or formatted otherwise-which btw all caps is the case for most everyone..excluding
      those born prior to the 1960s depression. But I did see your other post about how involved it all is & that’s so true.

      • Yvonne Moore-Lynch

        After taking a closer look at my B.C. I noticed that both mine and my Dads names were upper then lower case letters but my Moms was all capital letters. Whats that all about? Now I guess I should also point out that I was born on a US Air Force Base.

      • BTE

        Hey do you care if I email you? So I can find out what I need to full out and have in my possession to pay off my debt and or use the money that is rightfully mine.

        Ps please help me if you can.


  • Lee Bromley

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